About us...

In August 2013 we stayed as guests at Ruud and Sandra’s magnificent Schloss Möhren where we fell in love with its delightful countryside and peaceful surroundings. That’s when we decided to move to Germany. For practical reasons we wanted to stay slightly closer to Belgium, but one thing was certain – we would definitely move to Germany.

Charming village

Back home, we decided to look for a property that would match our excpectations. Purely by accident, we came across a 1925 farm in Eckersweiler, a charming village in Rhineland Palatinate bordering on Saarland, with fewer than 200 inhabitants. It didn’t take us long before we signed the contract and bought the farm in December 2013. In September 2014 we moved to our new place in Germany, together with our loyal quadrupeds: our two dogs Yousi and Danté, our horses L’Amour and Louna and three Shetland ponies Lizzy, Lucas and Polleke.

Tessa & Bart

Enjoy nature!

Out and about

Sit back and enjoy peaceful scenery while your children play in the playground, cavort in the woods or count tadpoles in the pond.

There are lots of wonderful activities for you to enjoy in the area, such as visiting a wildlife park, swimming, wall climbing, canoeing and treasure hunting.

A hilly landscape

The hilly landscape of Nahe-land is perfectly suitable for challenging bicycle rides on paved and unpaved roads. As a rambler you can indulge in Premium Wanderwegen, while geocaching or you can even plan your own route departing from your holiday retreat.

Running, jogging, playing

We would love to welcome your loyal four-legged friends. We aim to offer you and your dog an enjoyable and stress-free holiday. That’s why every retreat has a fenced garden and there’s a large fenced pasture behind our farm. You can also make delightful day excursions using one of the walking trails in the vicinity.

The best view...

Get to know the surrounding area of Eckerweiler, visit Burg Lichtenberg or join the Achatweg in Freisen or the Bärenbachpfad in Baumholder on the back of your own horse. These are only a few of the many possibilities to enjoy the vast landscape on horseback.

After a varied ride outdoors your fine steed can graze peacefully on one of our meadows, which are all provided with paddocks and shelter stables.


The barn belonging to our house will be converted into three holiday retreats. If you would like to be kept informed of our progress and receive a message as soon as you can book, please subscribe to our newsletter!

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